• When Gab first started Mad Gab's, there were many people who lifted her up along the way, from sourcing beeswax from her neighbor, to countless insightful conversations that educated her more than any book could.

  • The first Gabgirl came to Mad Gab's over 20 years ago: "Do you accept volunteers?" was the question of a smart, young high schooler.   "Why yes, yes we do", Gab replied. 

    And so began a relationship between Mad Gab's and young learners in our community. 

  • Gab now works with young entrepreneurs with the goal taking a product from concept to launch at the Yarmouth Farmers' Market each May.

We're so glad you're here!

Want to know the good stuff?

We're a mom squad from Maine

Yup, that's right! Mad Gab's was founded in 1991 by Gabrielle Melchionda. While trying to find a lip balm that wasn't greasy or waxy, she took to her mom's kitchen to develop her own recipe with beeswax. Many years later, we're still employing moms in our humble World Headquarters ;) in Yarmouth, Maine!

Ingredients your can feel good about

We use natural and organic ingredients. You can feel good about using Mad Gab's products from your head to your toes!

Supporting Mad Gab's helps support young entrepreneurs

Each Mad Gab's purchase you make helps fuel our GabGirls program and Incubating Innovators where we offer business incubation, employment opportunities and mentorship for kiddos with an entrepreneurial spirit.