Why? Because Why Not!

Gab had no business being in business when she found that recipe for lip balm. Not letting that pesky detail stop her, she learned from customers, family friends, patient customer service reps, and countless small business resources along the way. And boy, is she grateful!

Hands-on Learning? Yes, please!

From the get-go, Gab knew she was a “learn by doing” kind of gal. She also knew she was not alone so there was always an open-doors and open-arms policy at Mad Gab's. There is room for others’ to learn with and from Mad Gab’s!

What Did it Look Like?

Teenage volunteers, nurseries on-site so mama’s could work alongside their kiddos, interns from local schools and colleges, and mentees who came to Gab for counsel and support.

And Then What?

In 2017, Gab’s very wise counsel encouraged her to organize her work with the community and give it a name. Gabgirls was born! Workshops were offered for girls interested in entrepreneurship (along with all the other internships, part time jobs, etc), until Covid came to town.

Today: Merging with the Market!

In 2020 Gabgirls added Incubating Innovators  programming, helping local teens start product business at the local famer’s market.  Gab began working with the Yarmouth public schools, who invited her and her Mom Squad in to work with the kids at the schools! In 2024, Incubating Innovators launched High School and Middle School companies at Yarmouth Farmer’s Market . The kid-run businesses sold a variety of products including: pickles, jewelry, artwork, and body care!