The first Gabgirl came to Mad Gab's over 20 years ago:
"Do you accept volunteers?" was the question of a smart, young high schooler.   
"Why yes, yes we do", Gab replied. 
And so began a relationship between Mad Gab's and young women and girls in our community.  They showed up in  a variety of capacities: interns, part time employees, children of employees, it ran the gamut.  Apparently lip balm, and Gab's love of people, was all that was necessary to form some pretty amazing relationship. 
Many people educated Gab on her informal journey of entrepreneurship. She learned by doing, and having conversations more than she ever could sit still to learn in a book. Raised in a "the more the merrier" house, Gab always welcomed interested people (who generally were women and girls), and made time to share space with them. 
In 2017 Gab was finally convinced to formalize decades of work with countless young women, give it a name and Gabgirls was born!
  GabGirls offers:
  • Workshops and business incubation for girls 11-16
  • Part-time and temporary employment for girls 16+
  • Internships for high school and college students
  • Mentoring (because we tend to stay in touch and want to support after programs end)
  • Speaking & Interactive workshops- Gab visits schools and groups throughout the year sharing her story and inspiring women and girls 

For more information please reach out to us at


Happening Now

Incubating Innovators

Gab and the Mom Squad worked so hard with the Incubating Innovators to bring them to the Yarmouth Farmer's Market in June! Check out how awesome it went in this interview with Steve Minich of WMTW