Elephant Lube Vintage Reboot!

Elephant Lube Vintage Reboot!

25 Years ago, Mad Gab's was "discovered" when Gab mailed 80 purple envelopes off to beauty editors in NYC... Vogue magazine was the first to leave an (actual) answering machine message saying they wanted to help us tell the world about our new Shea butter balm with a funny name. 

Dozens and dozens of publications featured our fine, trunk-ed fellow and soon they were for sale at Anthropology, Nordsrom, L.L. Bean and countless retailers around the world! 

Elephant Lube was formulated to sink into skin, to soften it for reals. The Shea butter made all the difference, along with olive oil, essential oils and beeswax (originally from Gab's neighbor!)

When packaging and names changed, people often sent us notes asking about Elephant Lube, and some begging for it to make a come back! It took us a minute, but we've made a small batch of each scent, and once they're gone, well, you know, they're gone! 

Join us in the Way Back Machine, grab yours, stuff some stockings, moisturize someone's hands or feet, and definitely make them smile with a gift they definitely wont be getting two of!

Thanks for revisiting our roots with us, we're having so much fun!

Shop your favorite scent below:

Peppermint Sage

Rosemary Lime


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