Gabbing (and eating) our way through Greece 🇬🇷

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I never really thought about Greece. I knew about it, of course, and know many people who have been there and loved it. I just didn't have it on my radar as a vacation destination. When my brother's family invited us on a family trip...

What was I going to say? No? Not for a second. 
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We visited 7 islands and Athens. I have to say: WOW. My sister in law has told me for years Greek was her favorite cuisine, and now I see why. It started with Greek Yogurt. Like, the real kind. (Now, it's a little hard to go back.) Then the fish, and pasta, and olives, and Greek wine. I cannot say enough about any of it!

Truly a fantastic country to eat your way through!

And then the people. Where do I start? I was so impressed with the openness, kindness and true hospitality we found everywhere we went.

I even got a bunch of folks to follow MG on Instagram!

From locals in little stores, to museums and ruins on islands, everyone made every interaction a pleasure. I can't recall a country I can say that about!
Of the islands we visited, Milos was my favorite. 

It was the last stop, and the quiet, quaint and uncrowded island was a true oasis. I'd love to go back there and spend a week just sitting around, eating and walking. Maybe someday.

Obviously, I took advantage of the beautiful scenery and took oodles of pictures of not only my kids and family, but our favorite SPF products Prickly Pear and our Sun Stick! My older son, Silas had been working with us since last summer, and he was a natural at directing the shoots, helping make videos, and all that stuff that comes naturally to the next generation.  
It was hard to not feel connected to Greece when after we left the fires devastated a lot of the islands. I know it's been around for a long, long time, and they will endure, but having just visited, it was close to my heart. 
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Traveling is such a pleasure and privilege.

Trevor Noah said it best:"If there's one thing you won't waste your money on, it's traveling," (or something like that) I'm with him. 




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