Gab and Zoe at the yarmouth farmers market inspiring young business owners

Gab & Zoe, Building Relationship & Business-Incubating Innovators 2023!

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What a true pleasure it has been watching Zoe continue to hone her business skills as she hit the Yarmouth Farmer's Market again this year!  

Zoe's artwork shifted a bit this year--she focused on trees and veggie images--her tree paintings featuring one tree experiencing each season!  As Mainers, we like to appreciate all four seasons and Zoe's images capture the vibe of each beautifully. Donations (50% of all proceeds!) are now going to Preble Street Resource Center and the Arbor Foundation.

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We're so proud of Zoe, and impressed by her ability to not only paint beautiful cards, but also to understand her cost of goods, pricing, materials and (as if that was not enough already!) the ability to set up an eye catching display and engage in selling with folks too?? Come on, this kid is amazing!

Gab working with zoe and mentoring her with her handmade greeting cards

As I reflect on my own experience as a Female Business Owner, so many memories strike me and remind me how grateful I am to have the opportunity to giveback and mentor these young women. If just one Gabgirl looks back on her experience  and finds value, I know I've done my job. The beauty of life is finding purpose and sharing your gift with others!

Grateful, Gab 

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