So, what is a Gabgirl?

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How do we decide what to be when we grow up? What's the best way to help our kids explore what their paths could look like, or how they define success?
At Mad Gab's, we take these questions seriously and they are the founding principles we use to help the next generation in our Gabgirl's programs.
Gab likes to say she started Mad Gab's by flunking math and working with monkeys. And while both of those things are true, the story obviously has more to it.
While re-taking the last of many failed math classes in order to graduate college, Gab came across a recipe for lip balm and she started to noodle around in her mom's kitchen.
She wanted a lip balm that wasn't greasy or waxy and that was made with hydrating and natural ingredients. Once she had a formula she liked, samples were made and given to friends and family who convinced her to start selling her concoction.
With a lot of help from a lot of people, Mad Gab's was born and Gab started selling Lip Lube (the original name) out of the trunk of her car to natural food stores.
From Day 1, Gab kept the doors of Mad Gab's open to anyone interested in learning, helping or hanging out.
Over the years that looked like teens, college kids doing internships, summer jobs, and volunteers who just wanted to help out. Gab and her crew learned how amazing it was to collaborate and work with kids who were coming up--everyone learned so much together.
Fast forward to 2017. By this time Gab and her crew had so many young people in their midst that Gab's advisors encouraged her to give this arm of Mad Gab's a name to formalize the meaningful work. Who doesn't want to support a company doing some good?
Gab & Co. started offering workshops to specifically focus on teaching entrepreneurship skills--which was a blast! Until Covid, which was a bummer. Always a believer in things unfolding as they should, Gab eventually created Incubating Innovators, which started out on Zoom and has continued since!
Zoe Paints!
In 2022 Gab started working with Zoe, a teen artist, who founded Zoe Paints, selling her watercolor cards--with great success!
This year, Zoe Paints is back! On May 4th she will be at the Yarmouth Farmers Market in Maine selling her cards. Gab meets with Zoe regularly offering support and direction. Zoe's cards feature vegetables and images from nature and 50% of sales are donated to non-profits aligned with food insecurity and environmental causes.
Every Gabgirl brings different ideas and energy to the Mad Gab's world--and every lip balm we sell helps us reach more girls. So keep that in mind as you slather our products on your lips, when you tell friends about us, and help us spread the love! ❤️
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