Mad Gab's & Barbie: A series on Tiktok

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My mom texted me the other day and asked if I had a Barbie when I was little. I could not believe it. Really, Mom? 
Growing up, I was steered away from anything that was "in fashion" or mainstream. Luckily my neighbor, Caroline, had everything, so I was familiar with the famous doll in my formative years.
When I heard Greta Gerwig directed the Barbie Movie, I was in!
(I loved her last movie Women Talking, so it was an easy sell).  
For the first time in my life, I rallied a crew of middle-aged couples and pre-ordered tickets for the preview night before opening night. Some of my friends knew a little about the movie, some just went along for the ride.
The lobby was full of Barbies--and I wish I had known, because I totally would have dressed up!  The movie did not disappoint and now I have to go back to see it again because we were laughing so hard, I missed some of it.
When I got home, I knew I had to play with Barbie and Mad Gab's. One text to my neighborhood crew later, I had a bucket of Barbies and had at it! 
So, even if I didn't get a Barbie when I was 8, I really enjoyed playing with my 8-year old neighbors Barbie's while she was away at camp this summer :).

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