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Gabgirls-What is it? Why do we do it?
Gab was only a teenager when she started making lip balm. Turning that into a business didn't happen overnight and it didn't happen with out a lot of help. A degree in Anthropology, (and many failed math classes), did not prepare Gab for business in a lot of ways, but that did not stop her!

Helped by friends, customers, local professionals and eventually vendors and other businesses, Gab learned a lot because people took time, made space and showed her the ropes. Over the years, Gab has always made a point to keep an open door so the learning could continue. Whether it was local kids, children of employees, students, etc.. there was always a place at Mad Gab's to anyone interested in learning (and sometimes it was as simple as sitting around putting labels on tins.
Gab owner of lip balm company Mad Gab's with her mentee, Zoe at a farmers market
After years of informally working with kids, we gave all of that a name:
In Covid we started working with teens (originally on Zoom, in that first, dark and long winter) and helping them start their own businesses! Today, we've helped launch a number of teen-run enterprises---
Most recently, Zoe Paints with a local artist who is now selling her wares at the Yarmouth Farmer's Market!
We're really honored and excited to have the Gabgirls connection and relationships--and we are so excited to see what these young'ens will do moving ahead! 

If you, or a youngster in your life, is interested in working with Gab to pursue an idea, please reach out to us at and let us know!

Thanks for stopping by!

Gab & Gals

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