Natural & organic bodycare Made in the USA for 25 years

Long before the first tin of Moose Smooch was ever poured, sealed, and shipped from the Mad Gab’s factory in Westbrook, Maine, I was making lip balm with friends in my mother’s kitchen, just for the fun of it. Today, I’m happy to report that quality and whimsy are still important ingredients in all of our natural, organic body care products. Whether it’s the adorable smirk of a lovable cartoon animal on a Smooch tube or the trendy exterior of a sleek MG Balm, the uniqueness of a Mad Gab’s product pours out from the shelves — we’re unmistakable at first glance, and unforgettable for our quality and effectiveness. Welcome to the world of Mad Gab’s.


Our Products

  • Natural and organic ingredients (i.e. organic olive oil, organic shea butter)
  • Petroleum and paraben free
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Sensible, green packaging with little waste
  • Never tested on animals (i.e. cruelty-free)
  • Fun, whimsical cartoon characters (i.e. Animal Menagerie line)
  • Sophisticated, hip packaging (i.e. MG line)
  • Made in the USA


Our Company

  • Well Established — we’re a 25-year-old, independent, woman-owned business
  • Environmentally Friendly — our recycling-to-trash ratio is 4:1 company-wide
  • Green Commitment — all products ship with plant-based peanuts and recycled newsprint
  • Ethical Role Models — our transparent business practices include working with youth to engage, inspire, and encourage entrepreneurship
  • Community Outreach — Mad Gab’s has supported various local and national non-profit organizations for more than two decades (e.g. homelessness, at-risk youth, autism, children’s museums, and the Girl Scouts of America)