The Mad Gab's Story

Mad Gab’s was founded in 1991 by Gabrielle Melchionda, when she stumbled upon a lip balm recipe while studying anthropology. Gab perfected the formula creating a natural lip balm that was neither greasy nor waxy and she gifted it to friends and family, who convinced her to sell her wares. Mad Gab's was born!

Originally, Gab sold lip balm out of her car to Natural Food stores, when she was discovered by QVC. Mad Gab's products soon landed on the pages of Vogue, Elle and countless national publications. Mad Gab's products eventually found wide success in souvenir, gift, tourist and resort industries.

For many years Gab mindfully raised her two sons while juggling a growing company, and today Mad Gab’s is in the midst of a strategic growth spurt to bring natural and organic body care products to a wide array of retailers across the U.S.